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Carol is unbelievable I have worked with her for a while first time was 23 years ago when my mom bought her home until now Carol new how sick my mom was so jumped right in and took care of the sale of our home she is very thoughtful respectful and helpful in every way possible and a very hard working individual.

I wish her well and would not hesitate to call her in the future. Number one in my book. Thank you so much Carol for taking care of my family’s needs.

Thomas fortier

Carol is very professional and extremely knowledgeable.

She helped with BOTH the buying and selling process. Since we have never done this before, it was extremely helpful to have someone on our side who could explain every step of the process and answer all of our questions. She never failed to return phone calls/emails and worked hard to get our first home.

Chris & Michelle L.

Carol helped me buy the home and did a great job with my purchase and a exceptional job with selling the home.

She is very personable and knowledgeable about her job I recommend her highly.

John velsor
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"Having gone through buying and selling before I was dreading the process until we met Carol. She was highly recommended by local friends and contractors. She did not disappoint. From the first time we met all the way to the closing, Carol communicated everything and was the most seem less closing. I didn’t have to do any work.We will be using Carol for a future purchase and recommending to our friends."
5 /5.0
by Carlynne pouliot
"Carol did an amazing job at assisting us with our purchase of our first home. She was patient and answered any and all questions we had, and being first time home buyers we had a lot of questions! She stuck it out with us through this long process and made sure we didn’t settle for something just because it was in our price range. I wouldn’t use any other realtor but Carol she has the knowledge and experience and she truly cared about helping to find the right home for us."
5 /5.0
by reischerk
"Could not have done this without her help. Top notch communication not only with me but also with everyone we worked with along the way. I knew very little about the process of buying & selling - Carol lead me thru the whole process lowering my stress level. If & when I needed a contractor or second opinion she knew just who to call. She went above & beyond what any realtor should be expected to do & for this I will be forever grateful. Even after closing she picked up my mail that wasn't forwarded & shipped it to me. I would highly recommend her if you are considering selling or buying. I could not have made this move without her help. Thank you Carol!"
5 /5.0
by wchpetnh
"Carol sold my property in record time. Yet, I still had the time to pack up my home and get moved in time. It was a real peace of mind. Thank you for keeping me on track to be ready to leave my home of 16 years to move to a newly built home."
4 /5.0
by sofiamia2007
"Carol was so wonderful to us while working on selling our home.. She is very engaged and very communicative. She kept us informed all the time and gave us very good advice. She definitely knows the area and diligently looked for any information she didn't know or was hard to find about our property. We highly recommend her. She took photos of the rooms and our beach area and had them virtually staged for the listing... many interested buyers commented to her on how much they liked that as it gave them ideas on wha they could do to the place if they bought it. . She wrote up a wonderful and enticing description of our home and property. She was able to get a house cleaner and a plumber to come very quickly to meet our needs."
5 /5.0
by rodadibri
"Carol Lavigne made the impossible possible. She worked with us relentlessly to sell our home, always with a positive, can-do attitude.I would highly recommend Carol to make your dreams come true!Northwood, NH"
5 /5.0
by lag3punams
"If you’re looking for THE BEST, look no further! Carol has guided us through 3 transactions in recent years. Each presented unique challenging circumstances which required an experienced agent. Her attention to detail, excellent communication skills and commitment to her clients resulted in our making a lifelong dream come true! Simply put, there is no. one. better !"
5 /5.0
by leclerc6
"Carol made my experience so much easier than it otherwise could have been. It all went smoothly and her attitude is always positive. I highly recommend her!"
5 /5.0
by Deborah Emery
"Our situation was a bit unique in that we were involved in a lawsuit after signing a purchase and sale agreement to sell our house when a family member was having some serious medical issues and the buyers would not release us from our P& S and therefore to avoid a long lengthy and expensive court battle, we were being forced to move even though the medical issues were continuing. This is not a way you want to buy a house in a very tough buyers' market especially in our price range and dealing with complicated medical issues and having to move under such stressful circumstances. I can't tell you how proactive Carol made this entire process. We needed to find a house and close very quickly which meant acting quickly. I met Carol at one of her listings' open houses. At the time I was very emotional, and this was not how I wanted to find a house let alone buy but we were under alot of pressure and we needed to get a house. Even though Carol was the listing broker, I mentioned to our broker how much I liked her. So when I went back the following day to look at the house again without my broker I had an opportunity to explain our situation to her and her compassion for our situation was so empathetic and it was clear to me how much she really wants to help her clients. Although we had an incredible broker, we had worked with for a number of years it was just not feasible for him to help us as quickly as we needed to act and he supported us working with Carol and that is how we came to work with Carol. She took the reins for us and really went above and beyond to help us get a house and get it quickly. She presented properties to us we did not even know about and made same day showings possible even when 48 hours was requested. It was a very tense situation because of the lawsuit but she easily recognized this and made us feel relaxed and not as overwhelmed. Her knowledge of real estate and what to look for when looking at houses along with our years of working on houses made us a good team since we knew that we did not have time to do home inspections. She worked us around her very busy schedule and always responded to any phone calls and text messages immediately. It's clear to me that her number one priority is to help her clients and her many years of experience is what makes her one of the top real estate agents I have ever worked with. To top it off I felt a very strong connection with her because of the level of compassion she had for our situation and how at ease she made me feel knowing she "would find us a house". Its not easy to deal with people when emotions are running high but Carol did such a great job in helping us relax and feel confident that it was all going to work out. We have no plans on staying in our house for a long time and you can bet that we will be calling Carol and I look forward to hopefully working with her again but under much less stressful circumstances."
5 /5.0
by Hikergal143
"Carol is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. She helped with BOTH the buying and selling process. Since I have never done this before, it was extremely helpful to have someone on my side that could explain every step of the process as well as answer all of my questions. She never failed to return phone calls/emails and worked hard to get me my first home."
5 /5.0
by zuser20150626112125249
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